About us

Since 2007 we deal with all areas of the US-American stock market places and since 2008 we also trade all US-Futures. Our range of products richly from state encl. marriages, shares, action options up to goods appointment and foreign currency shops. In particular offer like our customer a direct access to the US-american markets, as well as a capitalmanagment, because we dispose of an own broker's licence.

Our customers receive broker's singles accounts, this means that the account with the name of the customer is opened and he gives only one letter of authorization for the purchase and sales of stock market values to us. The capital on this account is available any time and can reach by means of back transfer to the quickest way again to the customer. Besides every single customer has an on-line access to his account and can see therefore any time which positions are in the market and to which value his account balance amounts.

Besides we fascinate by less commission, therefore you have to come the possibility far quick to the profit zone. If you are interested in our kind of the capitalmanagments, simply send us a prospective customer's mail and we will introduce more exact information about our approach to you shortly.